Community Spread Scare Rises After 3rd Coronavirus Positive In Odisha

Bhubaneswar: A 3rd person has been tested positive for coronavirus here in Bhubaneswar yesterday taking the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 to three in Odisha,  said the Coronavirus Chief Spokesperson, Subroto Bagchi.

The scare however looms large around the fact that the man has no travel history to any foreign nation.

The matter of concern now is that, community spreading of the coronavirus pandemic is most difficult to stop.

Given the fact that the man did not travel abroad, so it might further pave way for community spreading.

Here is a detailed account on what the 60 yr old coronavirus positive person did
  1. The man reached Bhubaneshwar on 10th March at 7pm from Delhi by an Indigo flight.
  2. He was travelling with his wife and daughter.
  3. He had gone to the dispensary in the Odisha Assembly after feeling unwell. 
  4. He had come in contact with the staff. (All staff will be quarantined and the entire Odisha Assembly building will be disinfected).
  5. The person had visited the Out Patient Department (OPD) of Kar Clinic on 21st March.
  6. He got admitted to Kar Clinic on 24th March and was in ICU for a day.
  7. He had come in close contact with his wife, daughter and driver.
  8. They have been kept in isolation.
  9. The blood samples of all 3 have been sent for testing.
  10.  All the passengers on board the flight have been asked to contact the government.
  11. All the doctors and nurses who have come in contact with the patient have been asked to go into isolation.

With the 3rd Covid 19 positive being confirmed, people here in Bhubaneswar have been asked to be even more cautious than earlier. They have been advised to stay home by Subroto Bagchi, the Chief Spokesperson for COVID 19 in Odisha.

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