Odisha: 1.15 Lakh fine collected from drivers for talking on cellphone while driving

Koraput: Traffic rules violators be aware, Koraput Town Police have started taking strict action against drivers who don’t obey traffic rules. According to sources, Koraput Town police have collected Rs 1,15,000 fine from 23 traffic rules violators.

Sources said that Koraput Town Police have been conducting strict checking at various intersections in the city since last evening with two teams. During the checking, the police have collected a total of Rs 115,000 from 23 bike drivers who were talking while driving.

Fines have also been taken from drivers who do not wear helmets and don’t have a driver’s license, said Koraput Police.

Over 20 bikes were seized and the violators had to pay Rs 5,000 to get back their bikes. In this way, the police collected a total of 1,15,000 fine from the violators. The police have informed that they are going to tighten the checking on helmet and over-speeding.


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