Mumbai police cautions cricket fans against fake tickets for IND vs NZ WC 2023 Semi-Final

As the cricket fervor reaches its peak for IND vs NZ WC 2023 Semi-Final, Mumbai Police have issued a warning to fans of fake tickets.

Mumbai: As the cricket fervor reaches its peak for the ICC World Cup 2023 semi-final clash between India and New Zealand at Wankhede Stadium on Wednesday, Mumbai Police DCP Pravin Mundhe issues a warning to fans, urging caution when purchasing tickets. Recent incidents of black marketing and the sale of counterfeit tickets during the India vs Sri Lanka match on November 2 have prompted heightened security measures.

DCP Pravin Mundhe revealed that several arrests have already been made for black marketing offenses related to World Cup tickets. Cases have been registered under IPC sections 420 and 511 against individuals attempting to sell tickets at exorbitant prices, reaching up to a staggering one lakh twenty thousand rupees for a single ticket.

With the semi-final tickets already sold out and anticipation for a full house, Mumbai Police have bolstered security around Wankhede Stadium. Additional staff and officers have been deployed to manage the heightened crowd presence expected for this crucial knockout stage match.

DCP Mundhe urged fans to arrive early at the stadium on Wednesday, citing enhanced security protocols that may cause delays. The gates will open at 11:30 AM ahead of the 2 PM match start time. Prohibited items inside the stadium include bags, tobacco products, coins, paper, pencils, pens, power banks, water bottles, and objectionable banners. Only mobile phones, wristwatches, and wallets will be allowed.

Cricket enthusiasts are advised to purchase tickets only from official websites and to pay the amount specified on the ticket. Mumbai Police remain vigilant to curb any illegal activities and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

This news comes amidst reports of rising hotel prices in Mumbai and heightened excitement for the semi-final clash, adding to the buzz surrounding the World Cup 2023.

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