World’s Oldest Living Chicken, “Peanut,” achieves Guinness World Record at 21 years old

Peanut, a bantam hen residing in Michigan, has been officially recognized as the world's oldest living chicken by Guinness World Records.

In a heartwarming tale of companionship, Peanut, a bantam hen residing in Michigan, has been officially recognized as the world’s oldest living chicken by Guinness World Records. Peanut’s remarkable journey from a precarious start to worldwide acclaim is nothing short of extraordinary.

Peanut’s story began over two decades ago when Marsi Parker Darwin, a retired librarian, found an abandoned chicken egg that appeared to be in dire straits. The egg, left behind by its mother hen, was initially dismissed as rotten. However, a faint chirp emanating from within changed the course of Peanut’s destiny.

“I heard a second chirp, and I realized that the chick was alive and didn’t seem to have an egg tooth to get out of its shell,” Darwin recounted. Fueled by compassion, she carefully helped the struggling chick break free from its shell. Peanut, a brown speckled chick, emerged from the ordeal and became the center of Darwin’s care and attention.

As Peanut grew, it became evident that she was no ordinary chicken. Her petite size, roughly one-third that of her peers, did not deter her spirit. Over the years, Peanut became a cherished member of Darwin’s household, even earning herself the nickname “sassy little chicken.”

In May of this year, Peanut celebrated her 21st birthday, a milestone that defies the typical lifespan of chickens, which ranges from five to eight years. Her vibrant health and spirited personality endeared her to the Darwin family and their menagerie of animals, which includes dogs, cats, peacocks, and ducks.

The journey to Peanut’s Guinness World Records recognition began in spring 2022 when a friend and fellow chicken enthusiast, Todd Gillihan, encouraged Darwin to submit an application to Guinness. Gillihan was aware of the previous record holder, Matilda, who appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” in 2004 but passed away at the age of 16. Gillihan believed that Peanut had surpassed this record.

In March of this year, Guinness World Records officially declared Peanut as the world’s oldest living chicken, cementing her status as a record-breaking icon.

Peanut’s journey from abandonment to recognition is a story that Marsi Parker Darwin has encapsulated in a children’s book titled “My Girl Peanut and Me — On Love and Life From the World’s Oldest Chicken.”

As Peanut continues to thrive in her cozy home, snuggling in laps, enjoying blueberry yogurt, and savoring the warmth of snuggling up while watching TV, her legacy serves as an inspiring reminder of the potential for resilience and longevity in the face of adversity.

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