Woman swims extremely close to Octopus; Video goes viral

A video of blogger swimming extremely close to an octopus is going viral over the internet leaving netizens astonished.

A blogger who goes by zanzibar_mermaid on Instagram shared a video of herself swimming extremely close to an octopus. The video has accumulated nearly 2.7 lakh views and gathered more than 14,000 likes.

People have commented on the video, saying that they are curious as to why the octopus is so high in the water column. They also said that they thought hearing aids were expensive until they saw this.

Zanzibar_mermaid replied to the comments, saying that octopuses don’t always hide and that she has seen them swimming freely several times around Zanzibar waters. She also said that she once saw an octopus sitting on a sandy beach, not far from the water.

Zanzibar_mermaid also recommended the documentary “My Octopus Teacher,” which shows how an octopus formed a friendship with a diver on regular visits.

Reacting to the video, one user commented, “Curious why this octopus is so high in the water column? They’re almost always hiding in a den.” Another user further added, “This is spectacular.” A third person appreciated the view and said, “Omg! This is so beautiful.” While fourth person stated, “The way that octopus accepted you is beautiful.”

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