WATCH: Man smokes Beedi inside Delhi metro, video goes viral

Recently, a video of an elderly man lighting and smoking a beedi inside the Delhi metro went viral on social media.

The lifeline for countless commuters, the Delhi Metro has been facing growing concerns over discipline and safety in recent times. What was once celebrated for its comfort and efficiency has now been making headlines almost every day for various reasons. Recently, a man lighting and smoking a beedi inside the metro went viral on social media.

The video shows an elderly man getting a beedi out of his pocket, lighting it, and smoking while surrounded by fellow passengers in the crowded metro. While nobody was hindered at first, as the video was about to end, a co-traveller seemed to be pointing at the beedi and talking to him.

However, according to sources, the man replied, claiming that he had a ticket with him.

Watch video:

The video then went viral on social media, prompting the public to seek a response from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

One user wrote, “Instead of taking his video, people should have educated him on the spot about not doing such activities in the metro. He seems to be an uneducated man, so can’t blame him for this act.”

“Haha, this video made my day! You’ve got to love the unique encounters on Delhi Metro. Let’s hope DCP takes appropriate action on this one,” another user wrote.

In response to the video, the DMRC issued a statement, stating, “We conduct random checks through flying squads to identify and address such objectionable behavior. We urge the public to promptly report such instances to us so that immediate action can be taken.”

According to the rules, smoking inside the metro premises is strictly prohibited, and it is a punishable offense. The video was shared by multiple portals, urging DMRC to take strict action.

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