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Parents give risky ride to kid in Bengaluru, watch viral video

Parents giving risky ride to their kid in Bengaluru has earned backlash with internet seeking action against the parents.

In a recent video it was seen that a couple is riding a scooter along with their minor child. However, the odd thing is that, he has been made to stand on the footrest by the side of the pillion rider.

Such practice is surely risky because the moment the vehicle will land on a stone or a big pebble on the road, there is many chance that the kid will fall off the scooter due to the jerk.

User Whitefield Rising posted the video to X platform (formerly Twitter) yesterday and within these few hours the video has already garnered more than 52k views.

The caption of the awareness video post reads, “Don’t do this. One small stone or a minor dip in the road is enough to cause irreversible harm that you will not want to face. And if the child wants a thrill ride, be the parent you are, and need to be. ps – while we share this clip for awareness, we do not condone calling people or parents names (as in the text of this video).”

The message put on the video reads, “How Stupid parents can be?? This video was captured At Graphite India, Whitefield Bengaluru. Will there be any action taken on these parents?”

The video has earned many comments. A user commented, “what about the rash driving cars, buses, dumpers, these family at least driving in a proper limit speed and, scooty now a days seats are very narrow so how can a family be seated in this small 2 wheeler.”

To this the user who has shared the video replied, “and therefore the logic is because others are putting their lives in danger, this family should also be allowed to play with the life of the child?”

Another user cautioned, “This is very dangerous. The side foot rest on scooters is not strong enough to take the weight,” as the user who has posted replied, “Yes, and one day when that breaks, the kid will fall. And the mom will not be able to hold him.”

Another user went an extra mile and commented, “step mothers always do this. To this user WhiteFieldRising replied, “arre yaar. The “real” father allowed it? So then what?”

Watch the video here:

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