Must watch this viral video of man’s jaw-dropping encounter with massive King Cobra

Man’s encounter with king cobra: Undoubtedly, most of us get scared when someone says snake, most of which are dangerous. However, there are some people who live for and by snakes. Several videos of such individuals often go viral on the social media platforms be it YouTube, Facebook, X or Instagram. One such video of the daring act of a man identified as Akash Jadhav with a huge snake ant that too a king cobra has set fired on the internet.

Akash Jadhav, who is a noted snake rescuer, has shared the video on his Instagram page (sarpmitra.akashjadhav25). King cobras are so poisonous that their single bite can claim any life within a period of short time if not treated promptly. However, in the video, Jadhav can be seen holding the massive reptile over his head, completely bare-handed and without any form of safety equipment.

The small viral video of the Jadhav’s jaw-dropping encounter with the King Cobra has drawn a mixture of admiration and concern from the internet users. While some praise his courage and the work he does to rescue the reptiles, others express concern over the potential consequences of such incidents.

While a user called Jadhav and the video ‘Khatroke khiladi, the second user said, “Woow so amazing” and the third Instagram user said, ‘He who lives by the snake …………..”

“Very stupid thing to do,” one said on the Instagram page named
christian_patriot_1111.  “Why Indians obsessed with snakes? Can someone explain?” asked another user named Kryz Sio though his page named lilkryz169.

Watch the video here:

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