Massive 10-ft long python dangles from building’s window in Thane; Watch thrilling viral video

A spine-chilling video showcasing a daring rescue operationof massive snake is going viral over the internet.

Thane: A spine-chilling video showcasing a daring snake rescue operation is going viral over the internet. The astonishing footage captures a 10-foot-long python suspended from the grills of a window in a residential building in Thane.

The breed of this colossal serpent, as identified in the video, is reported to be the Albino Burmese Python.

In the viral video, the enormous nonvenomous constrictor can be seen clinging to the iron grill of what seems to be a residential building. Engaged in the rescue, two individuals are seen standing by the window, meticulously attempting to secure the snake and bring it inside the building.

The incident has come to the fore from Thane’s Naupada. Some sources indicated that the snake’s owner was involved in the captive breeding of Burmese pythons, which might have taken an unforeseen turn. However, FPJ cannot confirm the authenticity of the breed details or any other information related to illegal breeding.

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The Albino Burmese Python is a rare variant of the Burmese Python species, with only a few hatchlings displaying the distinctive albino coloring. Albinism is a genetic mutation wherein the body does not produce melanin (pigment), resulting in white skin or scales. In the wild, Burmese pythons typically exhibit a dark brown coloration.


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