Late night drunk text to boss from employee goes viral on the net

The unexpected exchange between the boss and his employee spread like wildfire on microblogging site X, and the internet can't get over it.

A heartwarming text exchange between an employee and his boss is spreading like wildfire on social media. Sidhant, the boss, shared a screenshot of the unexpected conversation on microblogging site X, and the internet can’t get enough of it.

In the late-night text, the employee, who was admittedly drunk, expressed sincere gratitude to his boss. He thanked Sidhant for the trust and encouragement he always provided. The employee also acknowledged how rare it is to find a good manager like him, highlighting his appreciation for the supportive work environment.

“Drunk text from ex is okay but have you ever received drunk texts like these?” Sidhant wrote.

“Boss, I am drunk, but let me tell you this. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for always pushing me harder. A good manager is more difficult to find than a good company. So, I consider myself lucky to have you. Take a moment to appreciate yourself, eh. Bye (sic),” the employee wrote.

Sidhant, touched by the heartfelt message, decided to share it with his followers. He humorously asked if anyone had ever received drunk texts like these, adding a light-hearted touch to the meaningful exchange.

The post quickly garnered positive responses from internet users, who praised Sidhant for being an inspiring and supportive boss. Many expressed their desire to have a manager like him, appreciating the positive influence he has on his employees. Some users even suggested that Sidhant include the text in his CV, playfully acknowledging its impact on workplace morale.

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