Farmer saves cow from lion by throwing stone in Gujarat, watch

A video has gone viral recently where it has been seen that a man drove out a lioness and saved the life of a cow. Interestingly, the man merely threw a stone at the beast to drive him away from the scene. The incident reportedly took place in Gir area under Somnath district of Gujarat. Someone recorded the video from inside a vehicle and later it was posted to social media that has gone viral.

Twitter user Vivek Kotadiya shared the video to twitter yesterday and merely in these few hours it has already garnered more than 4 thousand views. He wrote the caption in Gujarati which reads, “When a cow was attacked by a lion in Alidar village of Gir Somnath district, farmer #Credit Kiritsinh Chauhan tried to kill his cow and got success. Hello very much” when translated into English.

We can see in the video that someone is shooting the live scene from the comfort of a vehicle while talking to others. A lioness has grabbed a cow by its neck and trying to further take the prey into its grip. Meanwhile a man, who has been reported as a farmer, comes from the front side. He initially tries to make the cow free from the grip of the lioness. However, as it fails he goes to the roadside and picks some stones.

In the meanwhile the cow is trying to make it free from the grip while the lioness is trying to make its grip tighter so that the animal would fall in the ground and it would make the cow its prey.

The farmer steps forward and throws a stone towards the lioness. Fortunately, the lioness flees from the scene with this mere action by the farmer. It is also shocking to see that the lioness did not attack the human.

Watch the video here:

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