Diver rescues fish trapped in plastic bag in the ocean: Watch viral video


In a noble gesture and conveying a message to do away with harmful plastic bags, a diver recently was seen rescuing a fish that had been trapped in a plastic bag and was struggling to get out. The whole incident took place in the deep ocean. The said video has gone viral on social media.

User Mike Hudema posted the video on Twitter on December 26 and so far it has garnered 66.8k views, 600 Retweets, 29 Quote tweets and more than 1600 likes.

Mike captioned the video writing, “This Diver rescues a fish trapped in plastic. Countless marine animals get trapped in plastic waste we discard. Even the smallest plastic packaging is deadly underwater. It’s time to end plastic pollution. This boxing day. Buy less.”

The tweet earned a lot of comments. A user wrote, “Plastic was brought in to save the trees, replacing cardboard and paper bags, if we grew hemp we could replace all plastic and wood but the powers that be don’t want that, just makes you think how big the lie is.”

Another user praised the diver writing, “Good work Man, It will be very rewarded by GOD.”

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Yet another Twitter user described it to be the tip of the iceberg. He commented, “Tip of the iceberg, they should show what’s inside whales which have washed ashore.”

Another user admired the diver and commented, “That was so kind. What a good person.”

Watch the video here:

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