Buffalo operated to retrieve Mangalsutra in Maharashtra, watch

The Vet who operated the buffalo requested that people should be careful while feeding the cattle, so that no animal will be harmed.

Mumbai: In a bizarre incident, a buffalo was operated by a veterinary doctor to retrieve a golden Mangalsutra jewellery. The incident reportedly took place in the Washim district of Maharashtra. ANI Hindinews shared a post on X platform (formerly Twitter) and put this information.

The caption of the video shared by ANI is in Hindi which means — An incident of a buffalo eating gold mangalsutra in a village in Washim district has come to light. A 25 grams Mangalsutra was retrieved through an operation.

As per reports, a woman forgetfully left her Mangalsutra, a 25 gram gold jewellery worth approximately Rs 1.5 lakh in the pot in which the buffalo is fed. Somehow, while eating the food the buffalo also swallowed the Mangalsutra. Later, the woman observed that her Mangalsutra is missing. As she recollected, it came to her mind that she had left the jewellery in the food pot of the Buffalo which might have swallowed it.

She reportedly then informed it to her husband and the buffalo was taken to a veterinary hospital. The vet there first examined using a metal detector and found that a metal is there inside the body of the Buffalo. Accordingly, he operated the buffalo and the jewellery was retrieved.

Talking to New Agency ANI, as seen in the video, the vet requested that people should be careful while feeding the cattle, so that no animal will be harmed.

Veterinary doctor Balasaheb Kaundane said, “The buffalo was checked by a metal detector, and it was known that some kind of metal was there in the belly of the buffalo. Hence an operation was conducted that took 2 hours and 60-65 stitches were required.”

The post earned a number of interesting comments.

A user commented, “Moral of the story: aurat ki bewaqofi ki saza is janwar ko mili with so many stitches.”

“Maa ka operation ker diya gold k liye, Bhains (Maa) gai pani mein,” another user wrote.

“Bhaisi ke aage been bajawa bhais khadi pagurai,” yet another user commented.

Watch the video here:

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