Amazing! Elephant Helps 300 Sikhs Stuck In Muddy Road

There’s no doubt that the Elephants are strong enough to break Iron fences, there are several videos to prove their strength. While many wild tuskers are often making it to the headlines for rampaging villages and destroying properties, some are tickling bones with their adorable actions. In light of it, an elephant has amazed the Internet by saving lives of as many as 300 men trapped in a truck.

Yes, you heard it right. In the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh, an Elephant pulled up a truck which was stuck in the mud due to rainfall. The now-viral clip shows an elephant can be seen pulling a truck that consisted of more than 300 Sikhs. The group was travelling from Amritsar to Nanded when the heavy vehicle got stuck on the muddy road.

The men came out of the dumper and tried to pull it out of the mud, locals also attempted to help, but they all failed drastically. However, instead of using a crane, a jumbo was brought to push it out.

Pic credit- YouTube/RupaliHowal
Pic credit- YouTube/RupaliHowal
Pic credit- YouTube/RupaliHowal

The Sikhs and locals worked together with the elephant to push the truck forward.

Due to constant rainfall in India, dry soil on the road has turned into mud making it hard for people to commute. Even heavy vehicles are facing problem and getting stuck in it.

Where Bengaluru is submerged in waterclogging around the city, Uttarakhand is steep and sloppy. People intending to go on a religious visit or pilgrimage, are facing problem climbing the mountains.

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