You Must Try These Five Best WhatsApp Features To Get Lots Of Benefits

Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp has been given many features of users’ work. Many of these features are very useful, but many times users do not know much about them. Today we will tell you some features of such work that you must try.

How to know whether a message has been read without a blue tick?

If someone has turned off the read receipts option on WhatsApp, then the blue tick is not visible on the message sent to them. In such a situation it is difficult to ascertain whether the message has been scene or not.

In such a situation, there is a trick that can help you and that is to send any audio message. You will know if the audio will play even when the blue tick is turned off, this is because the blue-tick option does not work for audio messages.

Find such important messages on WhatsApp:

It happens many times that an important message arrives on WhatsApp chat or group and then later when we search for that message, it is not easy to find the message. But today we will tell you about such WhatsApp feature with the help of which you can overcome this problem.

Yes, if there is an important message, you long-tap on it and then you will see a star icon on the top, tap on it. By doing this, the message will be marked as star and then you can see this message whenever you want, after opening the app, after clicking on the three dot icon on the right side, see the starred message.

How to check media files on WhatsApp

One such feature is the WhatsApp feature, with the help of which you can easily view all the photos, videos, audio or Gifs on the app in one place separately.

For this, you do not have to do much, just open the app and then tap on the search bar, after this different options of whatever you want to see will appear.

How to delete files larger than 5MB

If your phone’s storage is running out, then you should check which are the big media files that you can delete. For this go to the Storage and Data section of Settings and then tap on Manage Space. Here you will get the option of Larger than 5MB, after tapping on this option you will see big media files.

Read WhatsApp web message without opening chat

If you are using WhatsApp web on laptop or computer then you can read the message without even opening the chat. For this, move the mouse cursor over the chat when the message arrives, the thing to note is not to click on the chat. As soon as you take the cursor over the chat, you will be able to read the latest message without opening the chat.


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  1. Vikas R says

    Is there a feature in which we can share messages over 16 mb on whatsapp

  2. Hardeep SOHAL says

    What about language translate in what’s app

  3. Rajen sharma says

    This is requested to what’s app please give only one option of delete ( delete for everyone)
    And after One week all messages should automatically delete as I have some big official problem

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