Sarpanch guards Quarantine Centre at night for safety of young girl

Koraput: Sarpanchs of Odisha have been given big responsibilities these days to fight against Coronavirus pandemic. All panchayats in the state are in focus these days thanks to their efforts to fight against Coronavirus. Even it has been seen that many Sarpanchs are doing their best to provide their fellow villagers safety from the deadly virus.

In this context the effort put by the Sarpanch of Boipariguda in Koraput district deserves a special mention. Quarantine centres have been established in all panchayats of Odisha. And it is the responsibility of the Sarpanchs to take care of the inmates of the centres.

A young girl recently returned from Hyderabad to Boipariguda who was asked to stay in the quarantine centre following her health screening. However, her family members were hesitant to put the young girl in the quarantine centre for security reasons. The centre is at a lonely place out of the village.

At this juncture the Sarpach Bhagirathi Murjia came forward and assured the family members that he would take individual responsibility to provide security to the girl and hence the family members should not be worried. Accordingly, the girl stayed in the quarantine centre.

To fulfil his word, the Sarpanch stayed in the centre even at night to guard the girl as well as other inmates. He put a cot in front of the centre and spent night there to keep a vigil on the centre.

It is to be noted that many Sarpanchs are spending much time in the quarantine centres to see that every activity in the centre should go smoothly as prescribed by the Government order.

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