Odisha: Youth posts nude pictures of minor on social media, arrested

A youth has posted nude pictures of a minor girl on social media. The girl then filed a complaint with the cyber police. The man got arrested.

Bhubaneswar: A youth has been arrested by the cyber police in Bhubaneswar on Tuesday for posting nude pictures of minor on social media.

The youth has been identified as Mukesh Nayak. He is allegedly a resident of Samantapur in Bhubaneswar.

According to details, Mukesh had opened a social media profile with the user id ‘Cute Nandini’ and had sent a friend request to the victim, a minor. The victim did not doubt the profile as fake because it had the picture of her school junior.

But later as the minor chatted with the fake profile Mukesh had asked her to send her nude pictures. The girl had then blocked the profile.

Later, Mukesh wanted to take revenge about this and he edited the victim’s nude pictures and shared them on social media with her friends.

The minor had then lodged a complaint with the cyber police cell relating to this matter.

The police had then started an investigation into the matter, tracked the IP address of Mukesh  and arrested him.

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