Odisha police warns people against WhatsApp Pink

The Odisha police via a tweet has made people aware that the new app, Pink WhatsApp is a new tactic of the cyber fraudsters.

Bhubaneswar: Odisha police has recently issued a warning against the fraud app that is doing the rounds named WhatsApp Pink.

The Odisha police via a tweet has made people aware that the new app, Pink WhatsApp is a new tactic of the cyber fraudsters.

The Police further informed that, “If there is a link to update your mobile WhatsApp, do not click on that link even by mistake.”

“All important and confidential data of your phone is likely to be stolen at the click of a button,” further cautioned the Odisha Police.

WhatsApp is probably the world’s most commonly used messaging app. The ease of use and excellent user interface (UI) has made the app popular worldwide.

The use of WhatsApp has also been made regularly for the spreading of fake news. The app, owned by Meta has millions of active users.

This popularity has a major demerit, the app and through it the users become an easy target for the fraudsters. People are increasingly receiving a link to download ‘Pink WhatsApp.’

Fraudsters are sending this link to many people and asking them to download the app to get a new look of WhatsApp with various new features.

Recently the Mumbai Police has issued a warning about a viral WhatsApp message called the Pink WhatsApp scam. It has asked people to beware of this app. Scamsters and fraudsters are sending links to the people and asking them to download it.

In case one downloads the link, the fraudsters immediately get access to the lined bank accounts and can easily take away all the money in the accounts.

The Mumbai Police has issued a notice with regards to the Pink WhatsApp scam which reads as follows: “The news about ‘New Pink Look WhatsApp with extra features’ which is recently doing rounds among the WhatsApp users is a hoax which can lead to hacking of your mobile through malicious software.”

The warning further read, “It is not an uncommon instance to see the fraudsters come up with a variety of new tricks and ways to lure gullible users into falling into their trap to commit cyber frauds. It is for the users to be Aware, Alert, and Attentive to these kinds of frauds and remain safe and secure in the digital world.”

The scam app promises an enhanced experience for WhatsApp users. The message that is being sent by scamsters is offering a free application to help users change their WhatsApp look along with new features.

Beware, do not download this app.

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