Loud sound heard in Baripada and Balasore of Odisha, locals panic

Locals in Balasore and Baripada rush out of houses as they hear a deafening sound. Doors and windows vibrate. Locals panic.

Baripada: A very loud sound was heard a few minutes back in Baripada and Balasore areas of Odisha on Monday.

People in the area were panic-stricken after they heard the sound. The doors and windows of the houses vibrated due to the deafening noise.

However, the origin of the loud sound is yet to be traced. People are in a state of panic while authorities are trying to know about its origin.

A similar incident had taken place on November 23, 2022 which had created widespread panic among locals in Jajpur, Bhadrak  and Anandapur areas of Odisha.

Further details awaited.

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  1. Harsh says

    It was a fighter jet breaking the sound barrier resulting in a Sonic boom

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