It’s Really Very Cute! Dogs Playing With A Balloon; Watch Viral Video

Several video are gong viral on different social media platforms every day. Some of them are immensely loved, liked, appreciated, accepted and shared by the social media users.

You might have seen people of different age group playing with balloons. However, have you ever seen animals using balloons while playing? We, if you have not seen, below you will find an adorable video where two dogs are seen enjoying playing with a balloon.

The Holidog captioned the video, “Who can jump higher?,

In the video, which has shared by shared in the official page of Holidog, the dogs are jumping in turn very smartly and playfully to tossing a white balloon.

In the 40-second long video the dogs did not allow the balloon to touch the ground.

However, details about the video of dogs playing the balloon like where and when it has been filled is though not know yet, people are immensely loving it. They have watched it and given their comments.

Watch Video Here: (Source: Facebook/Holidog)

Here are some of the hilarious comments the video has received.

“Two Patched Doggies Playing With Beautiful White Balloon . Truely Awesome, They Didn’t Let The Balloon Touch The Ground,” wrote Anita Solomon.

“The dogs are verry smart they are verry playful,” wrote Yermin Langgari

“Takes keepie -up to a whole new level. Amazing and excellent exercise,” Lavinia Mess.

Another Facebook user Srinivasan Iyengar wrote saying wonderful, very precision attempting and tossing it on the air so well.

“What a lot of fun these two are having,” said Sue Meader.

Likewise, one Elaine King commented as saying Loved watching the amount of fun they were having.

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