High drama on Bhubaneswar road as young girl, two boys fight; Watch viral video

Bhubaneswar: Everyone passing through a road near the IG Park in Bhubaneswar witnessed a high dram as a young girl and two boys were seen fighting in the broad daylight without minding anyone.

In the video, which has gone viral, the girl initially had a heated argument with a youth, whom she knew on the roadside. Later, she started to beat-up and scold the youth, who was sitting on his scooty. She also pelted stones at him.

Some onlookers including the media persons tried to film the incident. However, the girl also allegedly attacked the media person. Later, when some public protested her act, she got furious and manhandled them and used slang to scold them.

The angry girl also questioned a particular youth who was shooting their fight. She had a heated argument with him. Apart from using slang, she also beat the youth up. However, the boy also hit her back.

Later, a team of cops from the Capital Police Station rushed to the spot after getting information and detained three of them.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the fight between the woman and the youth was due to a love affair.

Watch video:

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