Herd of 54 wild elephants wreaks havoc in Cuttack, damage paddy crops

Cuttack: With no respite in sight from incidents of elephant incursion in the state, a herd of around 54 jumbos caused large scale crop damage in villages under Tangi block last night and left people to spend sleepless nights.

As per the report, the herd comprising elephants of different age groups sneaked into Dalijoda Forest Range in search of food and damaged acres of paddy crops in Barapada, Karanji, Bhgatpur, Mania and Kanimira villages.

Resident who were left in a state of panic tried to chase the herd by showing burning torches and remained alert throughout the night to guard the farmland.

The jumbo herd separated into three groups till the morning and entered into Kinimira Forest of Bhagatpur, Barapada Pramod Udyan and Panchbhaya Forest in Mania.

Meanwhile, Dalijoda Forest Division ACCF Manoranjan Swain along with forest squads from Athagarh, Cuttack and Chandikhol area have camped in the area to drive away the herd and prevent further damage to crops and life.  

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