Habishyalis throng Puri as ‘Kartika’ month begins

Puri: Thousands of Habishyalis headed towards pilgrim town Puri as Kartika, the holy month of Hindu calendar, began today in the state.

Puri district administration has made elaborate arrangements to facilitate puja rituals of Radha Damodar by the Habishyalis.

It has set up Habishyali Kendras at four places in Puri town– Railway Jatri Niwas, Railway Kalyan Mandap, Jagannath Ballav Bakhyan Kendra and Municipality Kalyan Mandap for around 2,500 Habishyalis.

Arrangements of Mahaprasad and other puja items needed to perform rituals are also being made near the Habishyali Kendras.

Besides, police and firefighters have been stationed on the spot to maintain law and order. Doctors and ambulances also have been posted for round-the-clock health emergencies.

Notably, Habishyalis refrain from eating non-vegetarian foods during the whole month of Kartika. Every day, they take food only in the afternoon which is known as ‘Habisha’.

The last five days of the month are considered more sacred during which there is wide participation. Taken together, the days are called ‘Panchaka’, the last day being the Kartika Purnima.

Generally, it is believed that devotees who undertake pilgrimage to Puri Srikhetra and take part in ‘snana’ at ‘Tirtha Puskarini’ in the month of Kartika receive ultimate salvation.

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