Gupta gundicha in Puri on the occassion of Durgotsav

Puri: Gupta gundicha is a unique ritual of Mahaprabhu in Puri Jagannath temple during Navratri. On the auspicious occasion of Durgotsav, this ritual is being observed.

In this unique custom, Lord Jagannath stepped into Narayani temple at Dolamandap Sahi by taking Lord Madhaba’s avatar with Goddess Laxmi. Huge rush of devotees have been observed at Sri Mandira to witness the ritual.

In the time of Shola puja which generally held in Autumn season. During this, Lord Durgamadhaba is being worshipped as Lord Jagamohan in Maa Bimala temple for eight days from the beginning of the puja while in the last eight days of the Puja, Lord Durgamadhaba pays a visit to Narayani temple.

The servitors carry Lord Durga Madhaba in a  Nandighosha like chariot and mandua prasad is being offered to the God. After chandanlagi ritual, Lord Durga Madhaba returns back to Sri Mandira.



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