Guinness World Records Officially Recognizes Monday ‘Worst Day Of The Week’

Guinness World Records (GWR) has recognized Monday as the ‘worst day of the week’, leaving the internet by storm.

“We’re officially giving Monday the record of the worst day of the week,” Guinness World Records tweeted officially on Monday.

Twitter users were found happy as someone finally recognized this. “Took you long enough”, commented the official handle of Angry Birds character Red to which GWR replied, “Ikr (I know right)”. Another user tweeted, “I take Mondays off just for this reason,” GWR referred to him as “smart”. A user suggested renaming it as Wednesday, as it sounds weird.

As Monday comes after a weekend, many find it to be extremely boring and forceful day to work. So, Guinness World Records gave a reason for grumpiness on their first day. However, the reason for giving Monday the record for the worst day of the week is not revealed yet. It is obvious that the ‘Monday effect’ is very much prevalent and quite influential.

Notably, the Guinness Book of Records (currently Guinness World Records), has sold more than 143 million copies of annual books in 22 languages across 100 countries. The annual book was first published on August 27, 1955.

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