Going to Cuttack Baliyatra? Must visit this Odia one-liner t-shirts stall

Cuttack Baliyatra is filled with a number of interesting, unique items for sale, one such must visit is this Odia one-liner t-shirts stall.

Cuttack: If you are in the historical Cuttack Baliyatra then you must not miss visiting this interesting Odia one-liner t-shirts stall.

This stall has some coo t-shirts that are up for sale. with funky writings and interesting one-lines these t-shirts are a hit among people of all age groups.

This t-shirt stall is a venture by the Silver City Cuttack Group and has attracted everyone in Baliyatra, said to be the largest ever open-air fare in Asia.

Because this t-shirt stall sells t-shirts of such unique prints the visitors to the fare are drawn towards it. The interest among families to buy these t-shirts with funky idioms in Odia is on the rise.

The t-shirts have writings like: ‘mu ta nathile kichi habani aau’, ‘sabu moha maya’, ‘i love Cuttack’, ki ghara chua kana hauchi’, mate kaien comfort laguni’, ‘cuttack ku nai aame cuttakia’, ‘issh ki katha aieguda’ and many more. The best part is these t-shirts are very affordable, they are available at Rs. 333/- per piece.

The owners  of the stall are all young and enthusiastic Odia youngsters with a vision. They are delighted with the fact that people are loving their brand and are also giving suggestions to make more cool T-shirts. Many local celebrities on a regular basis have been seen flaunting these t-shirts.

So, if you are in Baliyatra Cuttack do visit the stall and buy some of these cool message t-shirts to give your daily wear a funky look.

Here is the location of the store: LP 42, 1st right stall on the way to enter Pallishree Gada Gate on the Boat Gada side.

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