Female Vampire! Archaeologists Found Remains Of Mythical Being With Sickle Over Neck

In a shocking incident, researchers have found the skeletal of a “female vampire” with an iron sickle positioned above her neck. According to the reports, the researchers discovered the remains of the mythical being at a 17th-century graveyard in Pien, Poland.

In the country, it is believed that placing an iron sickle above the neck of the remains is to prevent the dead from rising. As per the 17th century belief, the woman might have been originally accused of being a vampire due to a protruding tooth, claim the Archaeologists.

Reportedly, along with the remains of the woman, researchers also found a silk cap and a padlock tied to her toe. Professor Dariusz Poliński from Nicholas Copernicus University, who lead the research, told to Daily Mail on Friday, “The sickle was not laid flat but placed on the neck in such a way that if the deceased had tried to get up… the head would have been cut off or injured.”

He further said that the lock might has been used to represent “the difficulty of returning” throughout the burial procedure.

Although the deceased’s estimated age has not been provided by the researchers, they believe that the woman belonged to a higher social standings as per the piece of clothing discovered on her skull.

In a report by New York Post, Poliński told to the paper,”Other ways to protect against the return of the dead include cutting off the head or legs, placing the deceased face down to bite into the ground, burning them, and smashing them with a stone.”

In addition to the report by The Daily Mail, Professor Poliński said that the deceased woman’s toe was wrapped by a padlock as wll. During 1600s, the use of padlock was very common during burial ceremonies. This symbolizes “the impossibility of returning.”


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