Elephant’s skeleton found in Narsinghpur of Cuttack

Cuttack: The skeleton of an elephant has been found in Barasingha at Narsinghpur of Cuttack district on Tuesday.

Reportedly, the Special Task Force (STF) team has rescued the elephant’s carcass from under the ground through a JCB machine due to which a conflict has ensued between the STF and forest officials.

On getting the news, the STF team arrived at the spot. However, it has been alleged that the forest officials opposed them from entering the spot.

On the other hand, forest officials has also alleged that the STF team has thrashed them while asking about the elephant’s death. As a result, they did not allow STF team to enter the area.

Later, the STF team dug up the ground with the help of JCB and found the skeleton of the dead elephant. It has also been alleged that the forest officials have buried the elephant’s carcass to cover up the death. It is being suspected that the elephant has died around three months ago.

An investigation has been initiated in this regard to ascertain further details.

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