Diwali 2020: Watch How This ‘Magic Lamp’ Burns For 24 Hours

A potter from Chhattisgarh has made a clay lamp which can burn continuously for a whole day. Usually any lamp burns for two to three hours. However, the work that Ashok Chakradhari has done is now being appreciated by all.

Ashok lives in Kondagaon in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. As the Diwali is at hand, there is a huge demand for the magic lamp designed by him.

According to reports, after information received from social media and other means, people are ordering for this lamp. There is a lot of discussion about this special clay lamp on social media too. It is being told that such special lamps have the capacity to burn continuously from 24 hours to 40 hours.

This is because in order to maintain the penetration of oil in lamps, it has been designed separately from ordinary lamps. It has a different shape just above the lamp, in which the excess oil can be kept. If necessary, the oil comes down after a certain time and enters the lamp.

How did Ashok think about making such a lamp?

The thought of making such a lamp in the mind of 62-year-old Ashok Chakradhari came after watching a video on YouTube. He explains, ‘I always have some new ideas. I keep trying to enhance my art as well.

Ashok Chakradhari further says, ‘I try to benefit people around me with my new things. Just before the Diwali of 2019, I thought about such a lamp in which there should be a continuous arrangement of oil. I found it interesting and then I started trying to create something like that. ‘

According to news agency ANI, Ashok Chakradhari also states that he watched many videos on YouTube for this design and it helped him a lot. According to Ashok, YouTube learned more about ways to make such lamps and then they prepared it. They say that they are getting many orders for such lamps.

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