7th Pay Commission: Gift for Central employees on Diwali; Special increment in salary, 4 years arrears

After the increase in Dearness Allowance (DA), now the central employees are going to get Special Increment as well. The Narendra Modi-led government has announced that it will give special increments to some employees. However, according to a report by zeebiz.com, this will not apply to all employees. This will be available only to those employees who are officers of Level 6 of the Pay Matrix of 7th Pay Commission. There can be a big increase in their salary by special increment.

In which grade will you get special increment?

This benefit will be given to the officers of the Department of Military Affairs of the Central Government i.e. Department of Military Affairs. According to the director T. Johnson in the department, a special increment has been announced to the officers of Level 5A, Level 10A, Level 10B, Level 12A, Level 12B and Level 13B. Due to this, the personal pay of the officers has increased.

Which employees will get special increments?

According to Johnson, officers who are participating in sports competitions at the national or international level has been selected for special increment. A circular has been issued for this. Due to their participation in sports, they are being given special increments under the 7th Pay Commission.

Earlier, the department had sent the recommendations of the department to the Ministry of Defense, which was accepted. Let us tell you, those who participate in sports also get Sports Allowance and are always rewarded by the government. For this, quota is fixed in every department.

4 years arrears will be available with increment

Sports quota people will get the increment from the central government before Diwali. Salary will increase. But, the special thing is that this increment has been implemented from 1st July 2017. In such a situation, the government will give them the amount of arrears along with the increment. As arrears, they can make a profit of up to Rs 1 lakh.

7th Pay Commission

At which grade-level how much money will increase?

  • Level 5A will have an increment of Rs 570.
  • Level 10A will have an increment of Rs 1240.
  • Level 10B will have an increment of Rs 1240.
  • Level 12A will have an increment of Rs 1690.
  • Level 12B will have an increment of Rs 1690.
  • Level 13B will have an increment of Rs 2030.

(Sources: zeebiz.com)

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