PM Modi’s dives to pray into submerged Dwarka, performs underwater ‘puja’

Dwarka: Prime Minister Narendra Modi went on a deep-sea expedition to visit the submerged remains of Dwarka on Sunday and also offered prayers.

Dwarka, an ancient city with deep ties to Lord Krishna, epitomises India’s prosperity in the annals of its storied past. The city is a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage and a symbol of its spirituality.

PM Modi’s visit to the underwater site of this city was more than a mere exploration.

During his visit, PM Modi offered prayers and paid tribute to this historical and spiritual landmark. In a gesture of reverence, he presented peacock feathers as an offering, symbolising respect and homage to the deity Krishna, with whom the city is intrinsically linked.

The Prime Minister is scheduled to inaugurate and lay the foundation stones for projects valued at Rs 48,000 crore across various sectors such as healthcare, infrastructure, energy, and transportation.

He is set to unveil Gujarat’s first All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Rajkot, along with virtual inaugurations of four other AIIMS located in Mangalagiri, Bathinda, Rae Bareli, and Kalyani.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Modi was welcomed by enthusiastic crowds, waving saffron flags and chanting patriotic slogans in Jamnagar.



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