New Symptoms of Covid-19 Detected, Says Study By Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Bhubaneswar: At a time when the whole world is infected with Covid19 the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has added 6 new symptoms for Covid-19 in their official website.

This roughly means that now there are 19 symptoms of the infection of Coronavirus. The newly added symptoms includes:

  1. severe chills,
  2. repeated shaking with chills,
  3. muscle pain, headache,
  4. sore throat,
  5. loss of taste or smell
  6. skin rashes

The symptoms usually appear in the infected persons after a period of 2-14 days. The CDC has advised people to seek medical attention if they experience above mentioned any symptoms.

Approximately 2.97 million people worldwide have been affected by Covid19 till date. The global death-toll has reached around 207,000.

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