CRPF issues guidelines for decent funeral of veterans, retirees

New Delhi: The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has issued guidelines to ensure a dignified last journey to its veterans and retirees.

On a veteran’s demise, a CRPF officer of an appropriate rank from the nearest Unit or establishment will contact the family of the deceased and provide on the spot assistance, besides arranging for the last rites in a decent and befitting manner, CRPF officials, quoting the recently issued guidelines, said.

For the funeral of Inspector General Rank or above, a Commandant will be participating in the last journey in uniform, while for the Assistant Commandant to Deputy Inspector General level, a Second in Command (2-I/C) or Deputy Commandant’s participation will be a must.

Similarly, for Constable and Inspector level retirees, an Assistant Commandant or Inspector level personnel will attend the last journey, as per the guidelines.

A wreath should be laid by the designated officer on the mortal remains on behalf of DG CRPF.

For retirees residing in Jammu and Kashmir, Left Wing Extremism areas and the Northeast region where security threat is a concern, the activities may be carried out in coordination with local administration and state Police authorities, it says.

The expenditure incurred on the wreath laying ceremony will be borne out of the welfare fund of the Unit, group centre or the establishment from where the individual proceeds on retirement and the amount so spent should not exceed Rs 8,000.

The officials in the force also said the field units of the CRPF should be given wide publicity to all veterans or retirees residing in their areas during the Welfare Day functions and Pension Adalats.

All field units have been directed to maintain the records of retirees’ name, rank, age, date of retirement, pensioner’s identity cards, and name of the spouse, religion, address and contact numbers.

The family members of the deceased are permitted to contact any Group Centre, Units, office located in their close proximity. On receipt of information about the demise of veterans by the office concerned, the designated officer will contact the veteran’s family immediately.

Also, a photographic record of the event shall be maintained for reports and returns for audit purposes and the visiting officer should interact with widow, dependents of the deceased veteran personally and listen to their problems and project the same to higher offices, if need be, the guidelines states.

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