Andhra Pradesh’s tomato farmer turns millionaire, earns Rs 4 crore in 45 days

A farmer couple from Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district became millionaire, pocketing an impressive Rs 4 crore in just 45 days.

Chittoor: Amidst the surge in tomato prices, a farmer couple from Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district has struck gold by selling a staggering 40,000 boxes of tomatoes, pocketing an impressive Rs 4 crore in just 45 days. Chandramouli, a skilled tomato farmer, employed advanced agricultural techniques, resulting in a rare variety of tomatoes yielding exceptional returns.

With a sprawling 22-acre farmland, Chandramouli sowed the special tomato plants during the first week of April, utilizing innovative methods such as mulching and micro-irrigation to expedite the yield. By the end of June, his efforts bore fruit, and he was ready to bring his produce to the market.

Capitalizing on the favorable tomato prices at the Kolar market in Karnataka, located close to his native village, Chandramouli sold each 15 kg crate of tomatoes for an impressive price range between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500. By selling 40,000 boxes during the past 45 days, he managed to amass a staggering Rs 4 crore in revenue.

When asked about his lucrative success, Chandramouli expressed his delight, stating, “From the produce I got so far, I have earned Rs 4 crore. Overall, I had to invest Rs 1 crore in my 22 acres of land to get the yield, and this includes commission and transportation charges. So, profits remain to be Rs 3 crore.”

Meanwhile, in the nearby region of Madanapalle, which boasts one of the largest tomato markets in India, the per-kg price of first-grade tomatoes has skyrocketed to a jaw-dropping Rs 200 as of Friday, July 28.

Previously, just two weeks ago, a crate of 25 kg tomatoes was fetching Rs 3,000, translating to Rs 120 per kg. However, the current demand from other states has driven the prices to a record Rs 200 per kg. Market officials anticipate that the soaring tomato prices will likely persist until the end of August.

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