Your Weekly Zodiac Forecast, Check Details

Bhubaneswar: Horoscope gives interesting insights about life. The movement of planets impacts our lives in positive and negative ways. Predictions of zodiac signs help us make important decisions.

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for January 25-31


This week you will be concerned about money matters. You will look at ways to increase your income and seek financial security. Guard against impulsive spending as you may regret it later. During the middle of the week, you will have a hectic schedule. There could be a short trip and your communication with your team members will increase. At times, you may be rather distracted, but will be able to communicate your ideas and thoughts well. This is a time when you could make new acquaintances or friends. By the end of the week, your focus will shift to family affairs. You will spend time in the comfort of your home or with relatives. You will have a greater desire for privacy than usual. Health-wise, indigestion and chest problems can bother you. Drive carefully as it is an injury-prone period. The arrival of an unexpected guest or meeting with an old accomplice after a long time will make you happy.

Tip of the week: Avoid impulsive spending


This week you could become more sensitive than usual and will express your feelings to your near and dear ones. You will have a changed outlook and will remain thoughtful about your surroundings. On the professional front, your hard work is likely to result in increased income and position. Those working in the field of writing such as editing, content writing and publishing will see improved job prospects this week. Students preparing for competitive exams, debate competitions etc. are likely to emerge victorious. Those of you looking for loans or support from financial institutions are likely to get favorable results. You will be able to recover any past dues. On the personal front, your relationship with your father is going to improve and you are likely to get strong financial support from him. Your relationship with your in-laws is also likely to improve which make your married life blissful.

Tip of the week: Keep a check on your emotions


You will feel more positive during this week which is going to reflect on your health and well-being. You will be able to achieve success in your endeavours as luck will be on your side. You will believe in the power of action rather than just words which will enable you to accomplish major tasks and endeavours and deliver results ahead of the deadline. Professionals looking for new opportunities are also likely to find one during this week. Business people will be able to negotiate better deals and expand their business. Financially, this is a favourable time for investment and multiplying your assets. Students seeking to go abroad for further studies are likely to get admission in foreign universities and institutions. Towards the end of the week, you could face some stress and health issues such as headache and irritation in the eyes.

Tip of the week: Walk the talk


This week will bring mixed results for you. There could be some sudden gains from inheritance or thoughtful investments made in the past. Those of you involved in research work are also likely to experience favourable results. Professionally, your grasping power and eagerness to upgrade your skills through practice will help you gain appreciation from your coworkers and senior management. Also, this will enhance your ability to go deeper into the problem and find creative solutions to resolve it. Business people running their business in the form of the partnership will see an enhancement in their income. Personally, your communication skills, diplomacy and tactful behaviour will help you win the hearts of members of your family, community and social circle. You will have an opportunity to negotiate or settle your old debts and loans.

Tip of the week: Upgrade your skills


This week there will be an improvement in your marital life. You and your beloved will love each other unconditionally. Your communication with your partner is likely to get smoother which will help you achieve better understanding and harmony with each other. Your comforts and luxuries will rise. On the professional front, your confidence will be on the higher side which will help you express or share your viewpoints in a better way at your workplace. It is a favourable period for business people to initiate new tasks and policies. Also, those involved in foreign projects, associations, import-export and organisations are likely to witness rise and growth. Your father is likely to achieve progress in his career which will make the family happy. Students will be able to produce their best efforts which will help them improve their academic performance.

Tip of the week: Bank on your confidence


You may witness a decline in your health this week. At the same time, there could an increase in expenditure creating mental worries and stress. On the personal front, physical proximity between you and your spouse is likely to increase due to health or professional reasons. However, in terms of profession, things will be headed in the right direction. Your hard work and effort at your workplace will provide you with appreciation and recognition coupled with increment and promotion. It is also a favourable period for those engaged in professional fields like law, accounting and auditing as their potential is likely to get noticed. However, it is advised not to indulge in any kind of conflict and argument. At times, you may be overwhelmed with negative emotions leading to self-criticism and guilt. This can have negative consequences on your health and well-being. So, try to remain optimistic and inculcate meditation in your daily routine.

Tip of the week: Avoid negative emotions


This week will bring positive results for you. Students will get favourable results in higher education. Those looking to get admission in foreign universities and institutes are likely to see their efforts bear fruit. In personal life, this is the right period for those single to confess their true feelings to the person that they have a liking for. Those married, will be able to spend quality time with their spouse or loved one which will strengthen the relationship. Some of you may get good news with regard to family expansion. Professionally, your creativity and spontaneity is likely to increase, which will make you bold and innovative in your decision making. You will be confident of your ideas and will not shy away from expressing them in front of others. Those employed in government service might get favourable orders related to transfer. Speculative gains can also be expected for some people.

Tip of the week: Express your love


During this week you will experience peace and happiness in your home environment. You would like to spend as much time as possible with your family. However, the health of your mother may remain fragile, especially if she has a history of problems related to hormones, heart and allergy. So, take proper care of her. Professionally, this period will be smooth and stress-free as you will be able to get the desired results without putting in much of an effort and hard work. However, beware of entering into any kind of comfort zone else you might face problems later on. Some of you may inherit some property or get sudden gains and benefits through it. Some of you might also purchase some new property or vehicle. Overall, your comfort and luxuries are expected to increase. On the personal front, the income of your spouse may go up and they will be able to provide you with financial support in some of your attempted endeavours.

Tip of the week: Stay out of your comfort zone


This is a favourable time to undertake short trips as they will prove to be productive for working professionals and businesspeople. Your talent and hard work will be appreciated at your workplace and you will be buzzing with energy and enthusiasm which will help you to accomplish almost every task that you undertake. However, stay away from being overconfident and avoid taking too many projects at a given point as it may prove disastrous. On the personal front, you will make more efforts to engage in communication with your family members, friends, relatives and even neighbours. This will help create a positive social bond between you and them. Students will be full of curiosity which will help them grasp new subjects with ease. This is an auspicious time to push your side business through the help of social networking which will provide a boost to your income.

Tip of the week: Avoid multitasking at work


This week will bring financial gains for you. This is a favourable time to invest in land or property. You are likely to get emotional and financial support from your parents will motivate you to pursue your goals. Your ability to influence people will increase which will help you negotiate some profitable deals for your business. Official trips taken during this time are likely to bring monetary benefits. However, avoid lending money to anyone, especially to close friends or family, as you may find it difficult to recover it afterwards. Some of you are likely to get sudden profits from trading and investment in stocks and shares. However, be careful of the words that you choose while speaking. It could end up hurting others unintentionally and can also lead to some arguments or clashes both at home and the workplace. Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to be successful.

Tip of the week: Avoid lending money


You will have purity in thought process this week which is likely to enhance your reputation. Professionally, your confidence and self-belief will be high as you are likely to get appreciation for your hard work and skill set. You will be innovative and work towards achieving creative satisfaction. This is a good period to formulate strategies and lay out future plans as your mind will be full of creative ideas and inputs. This will help you achieve tremendous growth. For business people, this is a favourable period to make new deals, partnerships and financial investments. Those married will find happiness in the progress of their children. Your children can go abroad for further studies. You are likely to get the support, love and affection of your beloved or life partner. However, you are advised to take care of your health and do not be careless in seeking timely medical advice.

Tip of the week: Formulate your plans


This week you could spend more than expected to live a comfortable life. You are advised to stay away from indulging in any conflicts with your opponents as it might harm your reputation. Stay away from litigation else you may incur expenditure. You also have a tendency to take hasty decisions and unnecessary risks this week which may push you to take unwanted loans. Professionally, you may have to work harder than usual as there could be some challenges at the workplace. You may not be able to implement your ideas and policies effectively leading to mental worries and anxiety in the process. This may hamper your sleep pattern. So, relax and go slow and use this period to create a foundation for the upcoming periods rather than trying something new. However, people associated with foreign trade and import-export are likely to experience gains.

Tip of the week: Relax and go slow.

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