Weekly Horoscope: Know Your Astrology Prediction For Your Zodiac Sign

Bhubaneswar: Read your horoscope predictions to know what the stars have in store for you this week. There are several changes that are going to take place in your zodiac sign as Mars is traveling through the sign Taurus and the Jupiter is also going through the Aquarius sign that is certainly going to mark some big changes this week.

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for January 18-24


This is a favourable phase for you. Professionally, you will face growth and success in your respective field. You will be quick to learn and equip your skills to better yourself at what you are doing. This will provide you with better opportunities to grow and excel at your workplace. Many of you will get the job that you were aspiring for. Benefits or rewards from the government are indicated. Those doing business in the form of trading, stock and travels are likely to get favourable opportunities and profits will increase. Your social conduct will help you gain recognition. If you are married, the growth and progress of your children will bring a smile to your face. However, their health may remain a little fragile. There could be some differences of opinion with your father or seniors. You are advised to maintain the decorum of your speech while dealing with them.

Tip of the week: A new job is on the anvil


This week will provide you mixed results. To begin with, you mother’s health needs to be supervised. She could face some unprecedented problems;hence, you are advised to spend time with her. At a personal level, some arguments with your spouse or beloved are also indicated. So, remain cool and calm while dealing with them, otherwise, things can get out of control.Travels related to profession and business are likely to bring you favourable results. But an inflexible attitude can result in some differences with your team and senior staff. Financially, the inflow of cash will be good but you have to devise plans to sustain the cash flow as your expenses are likely to remain on the higher side. It is advisable to divert your money towards long-term investment avenues. Taking inputs from your father or fatherly figure will be useful.This period could also see you trying to establish a connection with your inner self by reading spiritual books or undertaking a spiritual journey.

Tip of the week: Have a flexible attitude


This week you have to make more efforts than usual to succeed in your professional ventures. Also, you have to be very careful with whom you are sharing your secrets. You may feel discontented with some practices at your workplace which could result in arguments with your seniors. Some of you may have to start searching for a new job. However, those of you in jobs related to research, data analysis or occult sciences are likely to get favourable results. Financially, cutting down your expenses is the only way out to sustain your income. At a personal level, you are advised to not be rude else it could hurt your loved ones. Your strained relations with your in-laws can affect your personal life. Your siblings may face some ups and downs in their personal and professional life. On the health front, problems related to the abdomen area or an injury to the knee area is foreseen.

Tip of the week: Avoid getting into arguments


This week is likely to be stressful on the personal front. You might become more sensitive or take things to the heart which can make you moody and emotionally unstable. This can create differences with your beloved. Professionally, you may come across opportunities to rise to a position of authority. But, your need for validation and appreciation can make you take decisions hastily which can create problems in your professional arena. Financially, expenditure is expected to be on the up as you may have to travel due to work. Also, you are prone to be involved in legal disputes which can also add to your expenses. On the health front, you may face problems related to eyesight. Also, you can face stomach infections and dryness to the skin. So, drink plenty of fluids during this time. Students may face some concentration issues. Fear of rejection can restrain single people from approaching the person they have feelings for.

Tip of the week: Keep a check on your expenses


You are likely to get favourable results this week. Students preparing for competitive examinations for the government sector are likely to taste success. Professionally, better changes are on the cards for those looking to switch jobs. Those continuing with their present job will get appreciation and a promotion. Your determination, hard work and ability to give attention to details will help you improve efficiency in all your tasks and endeavors. Your willingness to learn new things and organise yourself to achieve targets will be appreciated by your seniors. Those in business are also likely to achieve good profits. You are likely to devote some time to your health and well being and look to have a balanced diet. This is also a good period to clear your previous dues and liabilities. Also, court cases or litigations are likely to go in your favour right now.

Tip of the week: Clear your pending dues


This week, some unprecedented situations or circumstances at your workplace may make you anxious and uncertain about job security and the future. So, instead of sulking yourself in negative situations, try and divert all your energies to diligently plan your exit strategy. However, those working in foreign institutions or multinational companies may get favourable results. For those married, the health of your children may remain a source of worry. However, your spouse is likely to get sudden benefits or rewards in her career. Those in a committed relationship might have to work harder on their communication with their partner. Do not hesitate to share your inhibitions, fears, doubts that you have with regard to relationships. This will help create harmony and understanding in your relationship with your partner. On the health front, you can face problems related to stomach like gastric or acidic issues.

Tip of the week: Work on your communication skills


This week, you could be required to take important decisions about different aspects of your life. Professionally, you may feel lazy and a bit casual towards your work commitment due to which there could be a delay in meeting deadlines. Some of you might have gains through sale, purchase and renting of property. Those in business can look to set up a new office or production unit during this time. You are also advised to not impose your ideas on your family members, else ego clashes are indicated. Rather, you should try to use this energy and make efforts to strengthen your bond with them. Your mother’s health could be a source of concern and you are advised to monitor it closely. On the health front, if you have a history of problems like hypertension, heart disease etc., then you have to remain careful. Inculcating breathing exercises and pranayam will help you maintain robust health.

Tip of the week: Improve bonding with loved ones


This will be an auspicious time period for most of you as your efforts are likely to provide success and growth. Professionally, you will be curious, eager and ready to investigate new methods that will help improve your efficiency and productivity at your workplace. This is also a good period to make new connections as well as strengthen old ones. You will be able to overpower your opponents with ease. Also, undertaking a short travel is likely to bring gain. Your neighbours, siblings and co-workers will be supportive towards you. However, at times, you may get a bit carried away and make unrealistic commitments. So, it is suggested to stay humble and promise only after carefully analysing the situation, else it can tarnish your image. Personally, your relationship with your spouse or beloved will improve. Do not neglect your health and maintain a regular physical regime.

Tip of the week: Do not make unrealistic commitments


You are likely to receive a good flow of income during this week. However, you may face difficulty in plugging your expenses as well, which can lead to lower savings. It is advisable to invest in short-term and multiple schemes as they are likely to bring benefits. On the professional front, your hard work and efforts are likely to provide you with steady and stable growth in your career. However, some disagreement with senior management is also possible. Business people are likely to receive profits. On the personal front, avoid any arguments at home to maintain a harmonious family environment. Some of you could celebrate a family function which will bring much joy. Students are likely to perform well as they will remain focused. On the health front, you may face problems related to headache, eyes and stomach.

Tip of the week: Invest in multiple portfolios


This week your health is likely to remain fragile. You are advised to give proper attention and take full responsibility towards your well being. Professionally, you may face recurring challenges at your workplace that may constantly test your patience. You might also face some slowdown in your professional growth. Some of you might also have to go through the challenging process of looking for a new job. However, business people may experience sudden gains and profits during this time. Such changes and transformation on your professional front might make you frustrated at times which can affect your personal relationships. Your relationships with your family and spouse are likely to get strained, so maintaining proper distance between your personal and professional life is advised. However, students may see their performance improving, especially those who are involved in research-related studies.

Tip of the week: Maintain work life balance


This is a favourable phase for those looking to travel, settle or earn gains from foreign countries and collaborations. They are likely to see their efforts bear desired results. Professionally, some new opportunities may come up, so you are advised to remain aware and be wise with your decision making in order to make full use of these chances. Business people are advised against any new investment at this time as it is likely to get stuck. Also, be careful not to violate any law and file your taxes on time. Your life partner may have to face difficulties with respect to their health and career. They need your full support. Students may face some distraction when it comes to their studies which might affect their academic performance. Health wise, you may face some problems related to insomnia, eyesight and stomach.

Tip of the week: Grab your opportunities


You will be able to complete most of your unaccomplished tasks that have been pending for long. You are likely to achieve appreciation at your workplace for the completion of designated tasks. The senior management will acknowledge your efforts and hard work which will be a source and joy and happiness for you. Your efficiency and productivity will increase, which will help you take multiple assignments at a given time. Business people are also likely to bag new projects. It will be beneficial for them to look for new collaborations. Undertaking journeys pertaining to business will turn out to be favourable. On the personal front, your bonding with your loved ones will be strong and you will give adequate importance to all of them. Students are likely to get good support from their seniors which will help improve their performance in academics.

Tip of the week: Look to multi-task

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