This University in UK offers scholarship worth Rs 10 crore to Indian students; Check details

The University of Birmingham in UK is offering scholarships worth over 1 million pounds (approximately Rs 10.52 crore) to Indian students.

The University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom is offering scholarships worth over 1 million pounds (approximately Rs 10.52 crore) for undergraduate and postgraduate Indian students.

These scholarships aim to assist Indian students with impressive academic and extracurricular achievements in pursuing their studies at the university. The University of Birmingham holds a position among the top 100 universities worldwide.

The application procedure is underway for the September 2024 intake for international students. Those interested in applying can visit the official website of the university,

The scholarships are divided into merit-based awards and automatic grants for specific academic fields such as Business, Computer Science, Arts and Law, Environmental and Physical Sciences, Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

This include 20 Outstanding Achievement prizes for undergraduate students, each valued at 4,000 pounds (approximately Rs 4.21 lakh). In addition to this, there are 15 India Chancellor Scholarships accessible to postgraduate students, with each scholarship amounting to 2,000 pounds (approximately Rs 2.10 lakh).

Scholarship programs for University of Birmingham:

  • Global Masters Scholarships: 2000 pounds (Rs 2.10 lakh approx.)
  • DeepMind Scholarships: 52,565 pounds (Rs 55.37 lakh approx.)
  • GREAT Scholarships 2024: 10,000 pounds (Rs 10.53 lakh approx.)
  • GEES Global Futures Scholarship (India): 2,000 pounds (Rs 2.10 lakh approx.)
  • Million Pound Scholarship Fund for Business School Master’s Students: Full tuition fee

For more details about the scholarships you can visit the official website of the University.

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