The next covid strain to cause more illness than the current Omicron variant

The next covid strain is likely to mutate itself into a variant which can cause illness and death, more than its previous variant, Omicron.

Recent reports from laboratory studies suggest that the next covid strain is likely to be more dangerous than the currently predominating Omicron variant. The research deduced that the virus is evolving to become more pathogenic, more dangerous. The research in question was conducted by a lab in South Africa. This lab was also the one that tested the strength of Omicron variant against the covid vaccines in 2021, using samples from a person infected with HIV.

Alex Sigal, is the one who led the study at the Africa health research institute in Durban. The team of scientists researching on this matter said that the longer it takes for an individual to recover after getting affected by covid, the more the virus gets time to mutate itself. While staying in a human body for a long period of time, the virus ecomes immune to the antibodies produced by the body.

The study at the lab suggested that the pathogen continues to re form itself into the next covid strain which may prove to become more dangerous than omicron. The upcoming covid variant is likely to cause severe illness and death rate, comparatively more than its previous variant. The study, however, is yet to be exposed to peer evaluation and currently only presumptions are being deduced from the work done from individual samples.

As of now, China is the only country that is still working rigorously to curb the transmission of the virus. China recently reported a high number of daily covid cases on November 28. The numbers were as high as 40,347 which included 36,525 asymptomatic cases.






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