Searching for the right perfume or cologne, read this

New Delhi: Selecting a perfume for oneself or as a gift might sometimes be overwhelming. The different notes, types of perfumes, sizes, variations can be a tedious task at times.
Here is a guide to help you find the right perfume or cologne:

Types of Perfumes:

There are different types of perfumes available in the market. The basic differentiation is in the concentration level of the perfume. The more concentrated a perfume is, the longer it lasts. Here is the concentration level of different versions of perfumes available in the market.

Eau de Cologne — 5-8 per cent

Eau de Toilette — 8-15 per cent

Eau de Parfum — 15-25 per cent

Ittra/Attar — 100 per cent

In general, you should wear higher concentrated perfumes in warmer climate and may be lower ones in cooler areas. This is the reason why you will often find Eau de Parfum and Ittra being used more in India and Middle eastern Countries while, Eau de cologne is used mainly in cooler European countries.


Perfumes/colognes are available in different sizes these days. It is important to choose the right size for your needs. If you are a frequent traveller, you can carry 15 ml perfumes easily with you. You can also carry a collection of 15 ml perfumes with you without worrying about the weight and size. If you are buying something which is difficult to find due to availability of locational reasons, you should go for larger bottles like 100 ml so that your favourite perfumes can last longer.

10ml, 50ml, 100ml, sample packs, travel packs.

Different notes in perfumes:

The beauty of perfumes lies in the notes and how they are brought together. These notes are what attracts us towards them. But all of us have very distinct likings to perfumery notes. For example, perfumes with citrus and aquatic notes are very lively and refreshing, while floral and fruity perfumes are soothing and relaxing. Woody and oriental perfumes are warm and eclectic. There are infinite combinations possible in perfumery.

It is often easier to select a perfume if you are aware of the notes that you like or are specifically looking for.

The right way to try a perfume: 

When trying a fragrance, its important to understand the dry down process of the perfume to understand how it grows on you. Perfumes consist of different notes and to understand best, you can take a few sprays on your wrist, and rub the wrists against each other to accelerate the dry down of the perfume and quickly evaluate the top, middle and base notes.

This should be done only to understand the perfume in a short span of time. When wearing your favourite perfume, you should never rub the wrists after application and allow the perfume to evolve at its on pace.

How to wear:

Perfumes can be worn on your pulse points/skin or clothes. Applying perfumes on your clothes help in better absorption of the perfume, thus helping it to last longer.

If you are wearing the perfume on your skin, you should ideally wear on your pulse points. Our pulse points are behind the ears, collar bone, inside of the wrists, inside of the elbows, shoulders, naval, behind the knees and ankles. Application on our pulse points allows the perfume to last longer with better results.

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