Make your perfume last all day, know simple tricks

New Delhi: A perfume is an essential part of dressing up. Studies confirm that we feel more confident about ourselves if the final touches of our routine is a spritz of lingering perfume. However, how often do you feel that your perfume doesn’t last long enough? How often do you feel that the fragrance disappears in a few hours? This is quite a common problem. Let’s learn a few hacks to keep you smelling gorgeous all day.

Wearing your perfume right after the shower:

Our skin tends to hold onto some moisture right after a shower. This moisture helps to lock the fragments that extend your perfume’s longevity.

Moisturize Your Skin

Remember to moisturize your skin before wearing a perfume. Moisturised skin tends to stick to the fragrance compared to dry skin. You can moisturize at a certain location, such as your wrists or neck, and then spray your perfume.

Concentrated perfumes

Different concentration levels of perfume make the fragrance last for different periods of time. A higher concentrated perfume like Eau de Parfum or ‘Ittra’ will last longer. Lower concentrated perfumes like Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette tend to last for a lower period of time as compared to EDP or Attars. Here is a detailed breakup of the concentrate percentage in different forms of a perfume:

Eau de Cologne — 2 – 8 per cent

Eau de Toilette — 8-15 per cent

Eau de Parfum — 15- 25 per cent

Ittra/Attar — 100 per cent concentrate

Always consider the climate/ weather

The weather should also be taken into account when selecting the perfume. It is best to wear Eau-de-Parfums and attars in tropical climate like India since it allows the scent to remain longer. That’s why Attar is very popular.

Use the pulse points

There are certain pulse points on our body that are considered warmer than the rest of the body. Our pulse points are:

* Behind the ears, collar bone, inside of the wrists, inside of the elbows, shoulders, naval, behind the knees and ankles.

* These pulse points help diffuse the fragrance better and allow you to smell gorgeous all day.

The right way to wear your perfume

We’ve frequently seen videos showing fragrances on the wrists, rubbing them against one another. Do not do so. The wrist rubbing accelerates the process of evaporation and also removes the top notes and part of the middle notes.

If you want your perfume to last longer, apply the perfume to the aforementioned pulse points and then let them evaporate at a sweet pace.

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