Havard scientists claim to have found Chemical Cocktail for Age Reversing

The chemical cocktails for age reversing consist of five to seven agents, some of which treat various physical and mental disorders.

A group of scientists from Harvard University recently published a study in the journal Agent suggesting that they have discovered up potential Cocktail chemicals that could reverse aging. As per the research, these chemical cocktails demonstrated the ability to reverse the aging process in both human and mice skin cells effectively turning back the cellular clock by several years. 

David Sinclair, a researcher involved in the study took to Twitter to express his gratitude for the latest Publication. He highlighted that they have previously shown age reversal to be possible through gene therapy and now they have found that chemical cocktails can also contribute to affordable whole-body rejuvenation. Take a look at his post here:

The chemical cocktails for age reversing typically consist of five to seven agents, some of which are known for treating various physical and mental disorders. The team at Harvard Medical School dedicated over three years to identifying the molecules that could effectively be combined in order to reverse cellular aging and revive human cells.

Results have been observed in studies involving the optic nerve, kidney, and muscle in mice.  Additionally, back and April improved vision in monkeys was also reported.

Regarding the prospect of human clinical trials, Sinclair revealed that preparations are underway. The first human clinical trials are scheduled to commence late next year. However, some scientists have expressed their views that the study might be overhyped and preliminary. Even though it sounds much exciting, this research is to be approached with caution. Developing treatments for age reversal would definitely be a big advancement in medical science.


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