Drinking milk before bed can prove to be harmful for health ? Know details here

Drinking milk before going to bed at night can have several harmful effects on your body, ranging from sleeping issues to increased weight.

Milk is a very important element of a healthy diet. Milk is highly rich in Calcium and Vitamin D. It is, however, very important to keep in mind that not every time is suitable for grabbing a glass of warm milk. What many people do not know is a fact that drinking milk before bed at night is  most likely to have adverse effects on one’s health. Scroll to know about it!

Sleep Problems

Milk is a fine source of protein and lactose. Intake of protein right before bed may cause sleeplessness. Hence drinking a glass of milk right before bedtime may slow down sleep and you may start having sleep problems.

Liver functioning problems

A glass of milk before going to bed can also interrupt the functioning of liver. It is scientifically believed that it is at night when the liver gets into its work of detoxifying junk from the human body. In subsequent time, people who have a habit of drinking milk late at night may have a liver that works slow.

Weight gain

Milk is a whole meal in itself, considering that it carries all essential nutrients in it. Milk is important for a healthy weight gain as it contains a total of 120 calories. One glass of milk right before going to bed does not give a scope for calorie burn. Hence, it might result in extra weight gain.

Digestion issues

Many a nutritionists have said that people who have issues in digestion should always avoid drinking milk before bed at night.

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