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Beware if using YouTube! Don’t search for these videos or else you might get into trouble

YouTube has become the largest video streaming platform today. A huge amount of video content of all kinds is available on it. Everyone is free to search for anything on YouTube. Be it good or bad. It all depends on how to make use them; however, you might land in trouble.

There are a number of categories which you should not search for on YouTube. You should avoid searching the following content or topics on YouTube:

Adult Content:

  • You can easily play any kind of video like knowledge, entertainment, comedy, horrour on YouTube or Google. But if you search for adult content on YouTube then you might face problem and action might be taken action.

Weapon Making Videos:

  • If you are searching for videos like how to make weapons on YouTube and do so regularly, you can come to the notice of cyber security cells. You may be asked about this. If you are not able to give any valid reason then action can be taken against you. Therefore, you should avoid searching this type of content on YouTube.

Bomb-Making Technology:

  • If you are searching for making video about how to make bomb or other dangerous weapon, you may get into big trouble. Cybercell may track your activity. Not only this, you might face interrogation about it. Therefore, you should not search for such videos or content on Google or YouTube even by mistake.

Videos related to child crimes:

  • You also should stop searching for videos related to child crimes on YouTube as police can take action against you and you might also be put in jail for doing so.

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