5 amazing health benefits of pumpkin seeds you did not know about

Apart from serving as a quick snack, pumpkin seeds also come power packed with numerous health benefits. Read to know.

Pumpkin seeds are the seeds that come from pumpkin. These edible seeds are flat and round shaped with a nutty flavor. Notably, pumpkin seeds are widely consumed as a snack in India. These can be eaten roasted, salted, or even raw.

Interestingly, apart from serving as a quick snack, pumpkin seeds also come power packed with numerous health benefits. Pumpkin seeds or widely known “pepitas” are a rich source of multiple nutrients, polyunsaturated fats and antioxidants. Read to know more about the healthy goodness in pumpkin seeds.

Anti-cancer properties

Studies have proven that pumpkin seeds contain certain plant compounds which can help in protection against cancer. Specifically, these seeds can help in curbing the growth of breast and prostate cancer cells. This can also be due to their richness in anti-oxidant properties. However, more research on this claim is still awaited.

Healthy Heart

Pumpkin seeds are rich in elements like Magnesium, antioxidants, zinc, and unsaturated fat. Combined together, these contribute to improved heart health. Further, right consumption of pumpkin seeds can also contribute to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, resulting in better heart functioning.

Improved sleep

Pumpkin seeds contain an element called tryptophan. This is a form of amino acid which helps in promoting better sleep. The zinc, copper, and selenium content in pumpkin seeds also rightly affect in duration of one’s sleep and quality. The magnesium content in this snack also helps in reducing sleep and anxiety, thereby preventing insomnia.

Lower blood sugar levels

Earlier studies also prove that pumpkin seeds and greatly impact blood your blood sugar levels. This is also due to the high content on Magnesium in pumpkin seeds. When taken in moderation, these seeds can prove beneficial in the right management of diabetes.

High nutritional profile

Another of the health benefits of pumpkin seeds is its high nutritional content. Pumpkin seeds are high in nutrition. They contain the following elements in them: omega-3 fats, soy protein, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium, calcium.

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