Yuzu – the skincare ingredient that deserves your attention

Yuzu - a citrus fruit and the plant from the Rutaceae family; also known as the Japanese grapefruit, it has a bright yellow colour.

New Delhi:  It’s the time of the year when healthy skin is on everyone’s mind! So, here’s a new holy grail for all Korean skincare lovers! Yuzu – a citrus fruit and the plant from the Rutaceae family; also known as the Japanese grapefruit, it has a bright yellow colour, is smaller than an orange, is tart yet aromatic, and yes, you can eat it!

Apart from being a gastronomical delight, Yuzu’s benefits for skin care are responsible for making it the buzziest skincare ingredient that the beauty world cannot get enough of. Imagine the wonders it can do for your skin if it has 3x the amount of Vitamin C as compared to lemons! Quench Botanics shares some great benefits of this magical ingredient for the skin.


Given the fact that this awesome citrus fruit has 3 times the Vitamin C of its fellow citrus friends, it easily tops the antioxidant list. Remember antioxidants? The good guys shield your face from free radicals, boost the skin’s radiance, and keep it looking youthful. What more could we ask for?


The crux of glowing skin is hydration. Skin that is well-hydrated is by default healthy and well-balanced. Be it irritated skin, acne overload, or plain dryness, there is nothing that hydration cannot handle. And thankfully, Yuzu fruit extract offers tons of hydrating benefits. It restores your skin’s moisture barrier and keeps it looking supple all the time!


Good news for folks who are looking out for a potent anti-aging ingredient that can turn back time. Yuzu is like that pool of youth, where even a little plunge can make your skin look much firmer, refreshed, and younger. Yuzu really helps with collagen production, which in turn blurs the fine lines and wrinkles, and improves the skin’s elasticity. It hinders the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which considerably slows down the skin’s aging process. There are only a handful of natural ingredients that offer amazing anti-aging benefits, and Yuzu is proudly one of them.


You’ll be happy to know that Yuzu isn’t just a treat for the skin, but also for your senses. It is proven to ease anxiety, lower the heart rate, promote blood circulation, and alleviate emotional stress. It has a very relaxing citrus scent that calms your nerves and takes you to the aromatic haven! The Quench Botanics Yuzu Fine Revitalizing Under Eye Gel; is formulated to give your under-eyes some much-needed calmness and TLC, this quick-absorbing eye gel comes packed with the goodness of Yuzu fruit extracts to give you refreshed eyes. Be it under-eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, or fine lines, this eye gel sweeps them all! Loaded with peptides, vitamins A, C, E, and K, the product is a must-have!

No need to wait anymore to get your hands on different K-beauty products that are filled with the goodness of the Yuzu fruit, and uplift your skincare regime now.

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