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why temples are built on mountains

Most Hindu Devi’s temples in India are built on mountains. If you notice, all the important places and temples of Goddesses in India are located on mountains. Be it the temple of Mata Vishno Devi in Jammu or the temple of Maa Kamaksha in Guwahati, or the temple of Mansa Mata in Haridwar or the temple of Kalika Mata in Banshoka, all these temples of Goddesses are located on the mountain.

Why are all the temples of Goddesses located on mountains?

The original creations of the universe are described in Vedas and Puranas. This earth is made of five elements and will eventually be mixed with only five elements. These five elements are water, air, fire, earth and sky. According to mythological facts, there are five gods of these five elements.

God of earth is Shiva, God of air is Lord Vishnu, God of water is Ganesha, God of fire is Agni Dev and God of sky is Surya. Mata Durga is also known as the form of Shakti. She is considered the highest among them all.

Mountains are also called the crown and throne of the earth. That is why most of the temples of Goddesses are located on the mountains.

In fact, it is also believed that the reason for the presence of the temple of the goddess on the high mountain is that in the ancient times the saint used to instruct the saints about this.

Humans are using whatever flat land they can find. In the same way, there will be no solitude in any place. However, solitude is very much essential for chanting and meditation. In such a situation, the mountain was considered suitable as the abode of the goddesses.

And the environment of the high mountains is also pure. So we can feel positivity there. That is why the place of Goddesses is on the mountain.

If we talk about the temples of Goddesses on the hill, the temple of Mata Vaishno Devi in Jammu is considered the most important. Along with this, the temple of Kamaksha Devi in Guwahati also holds immense value for the devotees. The temple of Mata Mansa in Haridwar is also located on the hill.

Interestingly, thought the temples of Goddesses are located on mountain top, still a large number of devotees visit there across the year.

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