Tasty Recipe of Palak Paneer

Palak paneer is nutritious as well as beneficial. It is rich in protein and helps in weight management and many more. It is a fact that people usually don’t like to eat palak but everyone will definitely like to eat palak paneer. To maintain the colour and aroma of palak while preparing palak paneer, you should add salt while boiling palak.

Required Ingredients

2 tbsp oil

2 tbsp butter

1/4 tbsp cumin seeds,

1tbs  garlic

1 tbsp blended ginger

3 tbsp  pieces of onion

2 tbsp cumin powder

2 tbsp chilli powder

1 bunch of spinach

1tbsp Salt

3 tbsp cream


Recipe for Palak Paneer

Step 1-  First, switch on your stove, and boil water for 5 mins and then put 1 bunch of spinach.

Step 2- Once your spinach is boiled well,  take it out and put that in chilled water.

Step 3- The next step is to grind the boiled spinach in a blending machine, keep the spinach paste in a bowl.

Step 4-  Now, put 2 tsp oil in a frying pan,  2 tbsp butter,  1/4 tbsp cumin seeds, 1tbs blended garlic, 1 tbsp blended ginger, 3 tbsp pieces of onion, 2 tbsp cumin powder, 2 tbsp chilli powder and mixed It well to make a delicious aroma.

Step 5-  Put a handful of paneer cubes in the mixed ingredients in a pan and fry it well,  later, pour the spinach paste mixed it well again and then cook it for 5 mins, pour salt to taste, lastly  3 tbsp cream.

Step 6- Thus your palak paneer is ready.

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