Raja Festival 2023: Sajabaja today, preparation for celebration underway in villages

The famous Raja festival will be celebrated on the Sankranti day in Odisha. Everybody, especially women are anxiously waiting for it because this is basically a festival of womanhood and mother earth.

Today is Raja Sajabaja that is preparation for Raja is going on. The preparation has been witnessed in a broader way in the villages. Yet, not only in villages, from rural pockets to the cities, everywhere the preparation for Raja is going on. While in the city malls discounts are being offered in clothes and other items, girls have started to plan how they would enjoy this time’s Raja, so that the festival will become memorable for them.

Termed Raja khala, the places where different activities will be carried out on the occasion of Raja festival has been cleaned and beautified. Swings are being fixed to trees where the girls would play during Raja festival. Girls are busy doing rehearsal to sing the famous Raja song ‘Banaste Dakila Gaja, Barasake Thare Asai Raja…”. Everybody, including people of all age group in the villages are excited about upcoming Raja festival.

Our reporter visited Gopapur village under Nischintakoili Block in Cuttack district of Odisha to know how the villagers are going to celebrate Raja festival. And what he observed was, they are going to enjoy the fest in a grand way amid swings, games, foods, Raja pana (beetle) and fanfare.

In Gopapur girls are visiting the Raja Khala. There the elder girls are helping out the youngers to get ready properly. Besides, they are also making themselves ready. They are applying Alata in the feet, Kumkum in the forehead and mehendi in the hand. Many of them are also wearing kajal on their eyes to look beautiful.

After inquiry our reporter came to know that the villagers have already made the pithapana (cakes) while swings are also ready. Guests have already arrived to different houses in the village. Male members have started to play cards. Besides, during the celebration the Gopapur village this time will also see different competitions while modelling will also be organised.

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