Old couple struggles for livelihood in Bhubaneswar, seeks help, watch

After being abandoned by their children the old man and his wife have been living in the capital city for the last 30 years

Bhubaneswar: An old couple has been struggling in Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha for the last many years. Their children abandoned the old woman and her husband years back. And hence they came to the capital city for a living.

Now, somehow they are managing their daily life by doing petty work. Yet, what would happen when they will turn older? The old man and his wife have sought help from others.

Kalinga TV reporter Raja came across an old woman walking on the road on the overbridge at Rajmahal Square. She was carrying an old bag in one hand and a few pieces of firewood in the other. She was stopping after walking a few steps. Perhaps the load she was carrying was beyond the capacity of her physical strength.

After a few minutes, our reporter came to know that she was not alone when it was found that an old man helped her cross the road. As our reporter asked them from where they are coming, initially the old man got a little bit frightened. And then he replied that they are wife and husband. They had been to the No.1 haata and now returning home.

As our reporter interacted with the couple, the old man narrated their ordeal.

The couple is from the Balasore area. He was a tailor by profession. Years back their children abandoned them. The old man said that their children are well established, but they abandoned their parents. And hence the couple came to Bhubaneswar in 1993 to earn a livelihood.

These days they help the small traders at the No. 1 haata to clean their potatoes, onions etc. and in return whatever they get, the two manage with that. They hardly get two meals in a day. So, most of the time, they eat flattened rice as a meal.

They have taken a small house on rent in the Phalikia basti of Bhubaneswar.  Now, they have the strength to take care of themselves. However, after a few years they will not be in a position to work, what will happen then? And hence, they have sought help from generous people or the government.

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  1. Bhabagrahi Panda says

    Dear Sir
    Please collect children name & place of work,Publish their name in your news,so that they will offended & take care of parents.You come across this parents in Bhubaneswar.
    Go to interior area of
    Koraput, Malkangiri,Raygada, Sundargarh where people like this struggling which is not comming to news.It is duty of son & daughter to take care of parents.

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