Odisha: Inspiring tale of a visually impaired woman who makes bricks to nourish family: Watch

Umerkote: Women are esteemed thanks to their love and affection for their families as well as their execution of the duties towards the family members. In such an instance, recently we came across a woman in the Nabarangpur district of Odisha, who, despite being visually impaired, makes bricks in the kiln to nourish her family.

Meet Laxmibai Chandrakar of Adhikariguda in Umerkote block of the district. She was not blind from childhood. Few years back her two sons died following which she became extremely sad. Being an affectionate mother, she wept for long days. Perhaps that was the reason, later she lost vision.

Laxmibai then visited many doctors one after one for treatment. However, after some days it was intimated to her that it cannot be treated. As she got the answer that she would have to lead the life along with visual imparity, she although became disheartened, she then took decision to work in the brick kiln so that she can nourish the family.

Besides her husband, Laxmibai has a grand son and two granddaughters in the family. Her husband also works in the same brick kiln where she works. She gets Rs. 750 for making 1000 bricks. As her house is far from the kiln the family lives in a temporary shed near the brick kiln.

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